Kate's Kitchen

Favorite recipes from Kate and the INBLOOM Community.

Busy Mama Latte

This smooth, creamy latte (also known as mom friendly chocolate milk) is a busy moms best friend. The adaptogens and nootropics in Brain Flow help us clear the mind and...
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Barry's X INBLOOM Plant-Based Choc Mint Protein Shake

Kate, INBLOOM & Barry’s have come together for the Holidays to help us all not just survive, but slay the season with a Limited Edition Holiday Shake available at Barry's Fuel...
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Guilt Free Cookie Dough Parfait

Grain-free, nut-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and 100% guilt-free this treat doubles as a simple cookie recipe "Choco Tahini Anti-Stress Cookies", or a fancy parfait for when the "special guests" come to...
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Emotional Eating Peppermint Bark

Say goodbye to emotional eating, and hello to intentional eating with this deliciously giftable treat. Rich in antioxidants (cocoa) and Ginkgo for boosted blood flow, plus, natural stress relievers, Ashwagandha...
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Stress Spooking Choc-Pumpkin Mocktail

Try this Halloween inspired cocktail (or mocktail) from our Nutritionist Asia. The spices are anti-inflammatory, making this sweet treat perfect for the beginning of flu season.
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Brain Flow Choc Swirl Pumpkin Bread

We're living for this INBLOOM twist on pumpkin bread by our INBLOOM chef, Mallory. A cognition boosting take on pumpkin bread for pumpkin season with a few scoops of INBLOOM Brain...
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Festive Fall Smoothie Bowl

Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Seeds, and INBLOOM oh my! We're feeling festive and getting into the fall spirit with this nutrition packed power bowl. If you're looking for ways to incorporate...
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Get Up & Glow Mango Smoothie

This dreamy mango blend by Reiki Master and Soundhealer, Nicole, will brighten your spirit, sharpen your mind and illuminate your skin all at once.  Creator: @nicole_rutsch
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Frozen Choconana Bites

Featuring our nootropic, and chocolate flavor powder, Brain Flow, these frozen banana bites are a dream. A quick and easy treat for afternoon pick me ups, or after dinner sweetness,...
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Power Popsicles

With plans of long, warm days in the sunshine, these popsicles are filled with delicious INBLOOM nutrients with vibrant flavors and natural ingredients. It's the perfect pairing! 🍋🍉🍊☀️ Shop our Powerhouse Kit to...
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Super Latte

Start your day with a stress-free mind and energy-charged body with our Super Latte. This functional recipe features Brain Flow powder by InBloom which boosts your memory and focus, while...
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Valentine's Day Pancakes

What really sets our V-day mood? Pancakes. Don’t judge us. (: This Gluten-free Buttermilk Pancake recipe from our friend Darya is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for all the loves in your...
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Chocolate Bliss Balls

Decadent yet nutritional is how we’d describe these naturally sweet bites. Satisfy cravings while sharpening your focus and clarity courtesy of Brain Flow’s acute-acting nootropics and adaptogens.
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Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie

Tune into Episode 5 of Kate’s Kitchen with our INBLOOM Insider, Alysia of @purelypope. Don’t let the name deceive you — this smoothie has all the benefits and none of...
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Chia Pudding

A few simple ingredients. All the benefits. Support your hair, skin and nails, sharpen your focus, and fill up on fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and omega-3s all at once.
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Brain Flow Iced Mocha

Find your rhythm with Brain Flow, an herbal blend of ashwagandha, lion’s mane, and cacao to sharpen your focus and satisfy your tastebuds.   Meet Maddie of @eastcoasthealth and join...
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Brain Flow Espressotini

Who says Happy Hour can’t be nutritious? Join us at the bar for some healthy-ish cocktails featuring INBLOOM x King St. Vodka and crafted by @just_jules.⁠
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Brain Flow Latte

A morning ritual for the books. With lion’s mane for focus and ashwagandha for cognitive support, our brain blend brings clarity and focus to the day ahead. 
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We like to think that we blend well into your everyday. Mix our powders with any of these various liquid ideas and experience what it’s like to be in full...
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Brain Boosting Hot (Or Cold) Chocolate

Hot chocolate dates back to 500 BC and we’re not ones to mess with a classic—but we figured, why not add cognitive benefits to cocoa's antioxidant powers? With ashwagandha, lion’s...
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Brain Flow Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate pairs well with everything—even cauliflower. Kick your cognitive function into high gear with Darya’s decadent yet healthful smoothie. Your cravings (and your nutrient requirements) won’t know what hit them. ...
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Brain Flow Spicy Chai Tea

Cozy, medicinal, and easily adaptable to any season, chai couldn’t possibly get any better—could it? Kate seems to think so. Mix in the cocoa notes (and cognitive benefits) from Brain...
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