Kate's Kitchen

Favorite recipes from Kate and the INBLOOM Community.

Layered Power Parfait

Power breakfast never looked so good. 😊 Packed full of nutrients from Essential Elements, this layered parfait recipe from Gabby also supports you from the inside with Immunity booster Immune...
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Festive Fall Smoothie Bowl

Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Seeds, and INBLOOM oh my! We're feeling festive and getting into the fall spirit with this nutrition packed power bowl. If you're looking for ways to incorporate...
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Tropical Hydration Smoothie

Like a summer vacation disguised as a deliciously nutritious green smoothie. Making the most of juicy fresh melon, which is low in sodium, and very low in saturated fat and...
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Power Popsicles

With plans of long, warm days in the sunshine, these popsicles are filled with delicious INBLOOM nutrients with vibrant flavors and natural ingredients. It's the perfect pairing! 🍋🍉🍊☀️ Shop our Powerhouse Kit to...
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Hydrating Green Goddess Smoothie

From Kate’s Smoothie Lab, as featured on Goop. “This smoothie is super refreshing - that’s the cucumber and celery - and adding fresh mint makes it smell so good.” -...
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Choco-Maca Banana Smoothie

From Kate’s Smoothie Lab, as featured on Goop. “We can’t get enough of the INBLOOM chocolate protein in my house - we combine it with the nutty taste of maca...
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Envirobottle Energy

We know you’re busy so we’ve made it easy to be INBLOOM on-the-go. Scoop your daily dose of vitamins and a round of energy-boosting greens into your Envirobottle before you...
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We like to think that we blend well into your everyday. Mix our powders with any of these various liquid ideas and experience what it’s like to be in full...
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Saturday Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

Maybe it’s just us but we're thinking this bowl might be more of a daily thing. Collagen, vitamins, protein, and electrolytes come together in this superfood smoothie filled with unlikely...
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Kate's 'Daily Situation'

We all have one. A morning ritual, a part of our day that makes things brighter and to-do lists easier. If you’re in the market for a new one, this...
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Super Green Smoothie Bowl

Some like to drink their smoothies, others like to eat them. This green bowl is vitamin and protein-rich, topped with hemp seeds, coconut and granola. Who can resist that crunch?...
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Kate Hudson's Go-To Green Smoothie with Avocado

What does summer by the beach taste like? We think this sweet and sour smoothie is pretty close. Everything good, green, and natural can be found in this indulgent yet...
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