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Favorite recipes from Kate and the INBLOOM Community.

Beauty Aura Elixir

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I Am Woman Super Smoothie

Say hello to the “I Am Woman Super Smoothie”. A collaboration with @tobeinbloom by Kate Hudson and 5 other plant-based functional food brands that were founded by women and support...
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Just Like A Facial Latte

Show up to your next holiday party with that elusive “natural glow”. Beets supports the liver which plays a crucial role in toxin elimination and metabolism on the inside. Antioxidant...
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Layered Power Parfait

Power breakfast never looked so good. 😊 Packed full of nutrients from Essential Elements, this layered parfait recipe from Gabby also supports you from the inside with Immunity booster Immune...
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AM/PM Beauty Sleep Routine

INBLOOM Creator Darya shared her secrets on feeling beautiful from the inside out. Her routine starts in the morning with Beauty Aura at breakfast, and she also finishes the day...
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Strawberry Sea Moss Skin Soothing Smoothie

This beauty booster is bright, sweet and the best way to boost your skin care from the inside out. With skin soothing ingredients like Beauty Aura, Sea Moss Gel, Hylauronic...
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Crispy Collagen Tahini Treats

As featured on Rachael Ray, live with Kate. Living INBLOOM is to live in balance, and that means making time for delicious treats (especially on your birthday!) like these Tahini...
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Fresh & Fruity Ice Cubes

Fresh & Fruity Ice Cubes by INBLOOM Insider, @gabrielleassaf. Add these ice cubes to your meal prep routine, and make it even easier to drink INBLOOM elixirs all day every...
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Getting Ready Ginger Cocktail

Try Doce Mezcal's "Getting Ready Ginger Cocktail '' featuring INBLOOMs collagen booster, Beauty Aura. A naturally sweet cocktail with a kick that is sure to make your getting-ready process that...
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Power Popsicles

With plans of long, warm days in the sunshine, these popsicles are filled with delicious INBLOOM nutrients with vibrant flavors and natural ingredients. It's the perfect pairing! 🍋🍉🍊☀️ Shop our Powerhouse Kit to...
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Glowing Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

Get your glow on for the next happy hour or spring picnic with this refreshing berry mocktail by @gabrielleassaf . Bursting with skin-loving antioxidants and a berrylicious flavor, this easy...
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Beauty Aura Baked Oatmeal Bars

Made with love by our friend Mallory of @sugarandbryce, these Beauty Aura Baked Oatmeal Bars are equal parts nourishing, sweet, and super nutritious. Mixed berries, greek yogurt, and two big...
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Berry Brekkie Smoothie

Bluestone Lane Powered by INBLOOM This recipe was developed as part of our partnership with Bluestone Lane, a brand that shares our whole-food nutritional values. Enjoy it at home with...
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Bright Pink Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Chocolate-covered-fruit lovers gather around. Get your fix in this healthy yet indulgent smoothie bowl packed with protein and collagen.
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Chia Pudding

A few simple ingredients. All the benefits. Support your hair, skin and nails, sharpen your focus, and fill up on fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and omega-3s all at once.
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Beauty Aura Spicy Vodka Tonic

Seconds, anyone? Yes please. Our next cocktail features the bold and clean King St. Vodka and our fan-favorite, marine-collagen powder, Beauty Aura.   Cocktail crafted by @just_jules.⁠
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Berry Smoothie

This isn’t a regular workout smoothie. Get your protein fix and a glowing complexion to boot in our clean, one-step recipe.
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We like to think that we blend well into your everyday. Mix our powders with any of these various liquid ideas and experience what it’s like to be in full...
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Saturday Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

Maybe it’s just us but we're thinking this bowl might be more of a daily thing. Collagen, vitamins, protein, and electrolytes come together in this superfood smoothie filled with unlikely...
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Kate's 'Daily Situation'

We all have one. A morning ritual, a part of our day that makes things brighter and to-do lists easier. If you’re in the market for a new one, this...
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Beauty Aura Green Juice

A tall glass of plant nutrients, marine collagen, and horsetail silica to keep inflammation at bay and shine your hair, skin and nails. Drench your body in the best ingredients...
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Overnight Oats with Caramelized Bananas

A comfort food—minus the guilt. This versatile whole-grain breakfast is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and can be eaten more ways than we can count. Try your next bowl...
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Blueberry, Kale & Fig Oasis Smoothie

Ingredients so good, they’re in the name. Revive your skin with collagen, protect your cells with antioxidants, and support your digestion with fiber. Who knew 12 tasty ounces could do...
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Beauty Aura Spa Water

The perfect way to drink water all summer long—or any season really. Keep hydrated and enliven your skin with the collagen boost it needs to stay supple.   "I'm kind...
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