About Us

"My goal is to make wellness more accessible"

- Kate Hudson

Non-GMO Ingredients
Zero Synthetics

Our Philosophy

Nutrition is the foundation for how you look, feel, act, and think. And as herbalists and certified nutritionists we know nothing helps your body and mind achieve their potential more than the complete nourishment nature provides.

That’s why all our blends are made from whole foods and plants - nothing synthetic. INBLOOM essential herbs, minerals, vitamins, and compounds all come to you as nature created them, to help you achieve balance and enrich your life.

We Formulate Holistically

Our synergistic blends pair ingredients that have an immediate impact you can feel with ingredients that are scientifically proven to make dramatic differences over time. We include adaptogens and other amphoteric herbs in many of our blends: they play a crucial role in normalizing your body’s response to stress and fatigue. By preserving your natural equilibrium they create opportunities for healing and the development of healthier systems.

We formulate with a full-spectrum approach. Instead of just treating symptoms, our blends are made to address the root cause of some of the most difficult problems you face in your daily life.

"I’ve always believed that beauty and health start from how we treat our bodies and what we feed them"

- Kate Hudson

Inspires Us

Nature creates miracles big and small. From powerful ancient rivers, to tiny flowers appearing in spring, all the way to the sparks that light up in your brain when you learn something new. Through nature we’re all part of something wonderful and very big.

That’s why all our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our packaging is earth-friendly and reusable. At INBLOOM we’re committed to doing our part to preserve the magical natural systems that support and inspire us.

Why our products?



No Synthetic Ingredients


Sugar Free


About Us

INBLOOM grew from the partnership of Kate Hudson and Syllable, whose shared ambition is to improve people’s lives by transforming how they think about nutrition.

Syllable combines cultural foresight and executional expertise to build brands that redefine how consumer products are designed and sold. Pairing creative vision with innovative product science, Syllable forms disruptive brands with mass aspirational appeal. Syllable was co-founded by Colin Peek, Aditya Julka, and Tushar Adya.