Kate's Kitchen

Favorite recipes from Kate and the INBLOOM Community.

Sleep Better Smoothie

Achieve the sleep of your dreams with our delicious, berry filled, Dream Sleep smoothie! Magnesium helps calm the mind and relax the body gets you feeling ready for bed, and...
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Sleep It Off Latte

Formulated by our Functional Nutritionist as part of our Holiday Remedy Recipe series, this sleep it off latte is packed with magnesium (from pumpkin seeds and INBLOOM Dream Sleep). Magnesium...
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AM/PM Beauty Sleep Routine

INBLOOM Creator Darya shared her secrets on feeling beautiful from the inside out. Her routine starts in the morning with Beauty Aura at breakfast, and she also finishes the day...
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Dream Sleep Latte

Sweet dreams are made with Dream Sleep and oat milk. Creamy, floral, and soothing, drift off into a peaceful slumber and wake up refreshed.
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Dream Sleep Wind-Down Tea

What’s the secret to a good night’s rest? An easy evening routine. Wind down your nervous system with soothing chamomile, and wash away the day's anxieties with calming L-Theanine and...
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