Dream Sleep Wind-Down Tea

What’s the secret to a good night’s rest? An easy evening routine. Wind down your nervous system with soothing chamomile, and wash away the day's anxieties with calming L-Theanine and passionflower. This 3-step, warm evening drink will have you drifting off in no time.


"An evening ritual really helps me to transition from my day into a peaceful sleep. Just something simply for me, to put away everything I've been doing and thinking about."


1) Warm your preferred liquid

2) Spoon Dream Sleep into a mug

3) Pour warm liquid into the mug and whisk or froth with an electric frother

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What You'll Need

Dream Sleep

Soothing beauty sleep blend

Soothing herbal slumber blend.

A natural relaxation blend of beautiful flowers and plants with gentle sleep-inducing effects. Hit pause on disruptive thought patterns, and enhance the calming alpha brain waves associated with meditation.