Essential Elements Fresh-Start Smoothie

More than a multi and more than just a protein shake. Simplicity meets nutrition in this sweet smoothie loaded with all the vitamins, greens, and plant-protein you need for a truly great day.


"In the mornings I'll toss a few pieces of frozen banana in a blender with Essential Elements and whatever else we've got in the fridge. Simple, tasty, healthy, and always a little different - it's a great breakfast!"


1) Add ice followed by the remaining ingredients into blender (for a thicker smoothie, don't add water)

2) Blend to desired consistency

3) Sprinkle with chia seeds or your go-to toppings

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What You'll Need

Green Protein (Vanilla)

Plant protein & anti-stress herbal blend

Plant protein & anti-stress herbal blend.

A best-selling and hunger-satisfying formula made with seven healthful plants and herbs. Improve your glucose levels and supplement nutrients that are missing from the average monoculture diet.

Essential Elements

Multivitamin meets daily greens

Multivitamin meets daily greens.

A daily multivitamin that goes the extra mile. This full-spectrum formula is packed with 100% of your daily vitamins, greens, and minerals for essential vitality...

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