Dreamy Cherry Mocktail

Ease into your evening with our Dreamy Cherry Mocktail. Indulgent cherry and almond are complimented by the fresh botanicals of rosemary, creating a scent and flavor that soothes the mind and palette. With cherry juice to enhance melatonin production, and Dream Sleep to improve your sleep pattern and relieve restlessness, this drink guarantees a peaceful night.


1) Pour 3/4 cup of cherry juice into your mixer. Then add 1oz of almond milk.

2) Scoop in a full serving of INBLOOM Dream Sleep, then add a dash of almond bitters to the mix.

3) Shake thoroughly and strain into a martini glass or over ice.

4) Top up with cherry juice as necessary. Garnish with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

5) Sip, relax and enjoy!

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What You'll Need

Dream Sleep

Soothing beauty sleep blend

Soothing herbal slumber blend.

A natural relaxation blend of beautiful flowers and plants with gentle sleep-inducing effects. Hit pause on disruptive thought patterns, and enhance the calming alpha brain waves associated with meditation.