Busy Mama Latte

This smooth, creamy latte (also known as mom friendly chocolate milk) is a busy moms best friend. The adaptogens and nootropics in Brain Flow help us clear the mind and stay focused.


1) Pour freshly brewed espresso into a mug.

2) Steam ½ c almond milk. Add in 1 single serve packet INBLOOM Brain Flow and froth.

3) Pour frothed Brain Flow milk over espresso and enjoy!

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  • Espresso
  • 1 single serve packet INBLOOM Brain Flow
  • ½ c almond milk

What You'll Need

Brain Flow Single-Serve Box Set

Full-spectrum formula for focus and clarity

Full-spectrum cognition and clarity.

Jumpstart your mind, boost your memory, mute out distraction and find focus with acute-acting nootropics like Lion’s Mane mushroom, Bacopa, and Ginkgo, plus the anti-stress adaptogen Ashwagandha.