Get Up & Glow Mango Smoothie

This dreamy mango blend by Reiki Master and Soundhealer, Nicole, will brighten your spirit, sharpen your mind and illuminate your skin all at once. 

Creator: @nicole_rutsch


1) Add peaches, banana and mangoes, coconut milk into the blender

2) Pour Smoothie into a serving glass 

3) Add 2 scoops of Brain Flow into the smoothie and whisk it in with the air frother. 

4) Optional: Garnish with some hemp or  flax seeds, rose or even fresh slices of peaches

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    • 2 cups of peaches
    • 1.5 Banana
    • 2 cup of mango
    • 1.5 cup of reduce fat coconut milk
    • 2 servings of INBLOOM Brain Flow
    • Add more water to it if needed - optional

    What You'll Need

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