Fresh & Fruity Ice Cubes

Fresh & Fruity Ice Cubes by INBLOOM Insider, @gabrielleassaf. Add these ice cubes to your meal prep routine, and make it even easier to drink INBLOOM elixirs all day every day - just add soda! You can watch Gabi make these IRL on our Kate’s Kitchen IGTV channel, or follow along below.

Pro Tip: Mix and match any of our other INBLOOM powders, fruits, herbs in your cubes, or make them with plant-based milk to add to your smoothies or iced coffee (hello Brain Flow…)



  1. 1) Place fresh ingredients (mint & raspberries) in 2/3 of the ice cube tray slots
  2. 2) Mix 1 serving of INBLOOM Beauty Aura with water
  3. 3) Pour INBLOOM Beauty Aura Water over raspberries in ice cube tray
  4. 4) Mix 1 serving of INBLOOM Immune Defense with water
  5. 5) Pour INBLOOM Immune Defense Water over mint sprigs in ice cube tray
  6. 6) Mix 1 serving of Chlorophyll Drops with water
  7. 7) Pour Chlorophyll Water into the remaining empty ice cube tray slots
  8. 8) Place tray in freezer and leave there until ready for use
  9. 9) Enjoy with water, or any of your favorite INBLOOM Elixirs

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