White Peach Spritz Mocktail

A fun summer mocktail with all the spritz, and without the booze. Making the most of juicy summer fruits like white peach, and Ghia's super convenient and delicious Non-Alcoholic Ginger Spritz this simple recipe has just 3 ingredients - and - since the cubes are made ahead of time, when your friends come over all there is to do is pour and sip. The best part? As the infused ice melts, the drink tastes better and better and - at the end you're left with a delicious white peach to eat.


1) Slice peach into chunks

2) Mix Immune Defense powder with water (4 scoops and 2 - 3 cups of water makes about 6)

3) Add peach chunks to a large ice cube tray and pour Immunity liquid over

4) Freeze

5) When you're ready, take a chilled Ghia Spritz and pour over 2 ice cubes, add 1 more for good measure as it starts to melt.

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    What You'll Need

    Immune Defense

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    Supercharged protection blend.

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