Touchdown Dip Platter

Touchdown Dip Platter

jessa cambe -


1) Spread hummus in bottom of 13”-by-9” baking dish.

2) Next, layer tzatziki on top.

3) Strain any excess liquid from tomato & cucumber mixture. Starting at shorter edge of baking dish, layer tomato & cucumber mixture over tzatziki, leaving a 2” space of tzatziki exposed on right edge of dish.

4) Starting from shorter right edge of dish, spread crumbled feta over exposed tzatziki, leaving 2” tomato & cucumber mixture exposed on left edge of dish. This will make one of your end zones.

5) Sprinkle red onions of feta, leaving 2” feta exposed to create the second end zone

6) Spread avocado mash over red onions to create the field. Squeeze lime over avocado mash.

7) Place remaining ¼ c tzatziki in a piping bag fitted with a small tip. Pipe a single line across center of avocado mash parallel to short edges of dish. Pipe 2 evenly spaced lines on each side of the center line to create 5 goal lines. At base of center line, pipe a number "5" to the left of the line and a "0" to the right of the line. Repeat on other side. Place a tortilla field goal at each end of field.

8) Place each olive onto a carrot for a helmet. Place carrots into dip with olive end sticking up. Serve with pita chips alongside.

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