Backfield Protein Brownies

Backfield Protein Brownies

jessa cambe -


1) In a heatproof bowl, melt dark chocolate & coconut oil together. Set aside.

2) With an electric mixer, whisk eggs & coconut sugar until mixture double in size (approx. 5 minutes).

3) Sift in almond flour, cocoa powder & salt. Using a rubber spatula, fold in the dry ingredients.

4) Add in chocolate chips.

5) Transfer mixture to greased parchment paper- lined 8x8 baking pan, and bake at 350F for approx. 20 minutes. Let cool.

6) Using football cookie cutters, cut brownies into football shapes.

7) Icing: Whip cream cheese. Drizzle in melted white chocolate & whip to combine.

8) Transfer icing to a piping bag. Pipe icing onto brownies to create “football laces”.

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