Brain Flow
Brain Flow
Brain Flow
Brain Flow
Brain Flow
Brain Flow

Brain Flow

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Blending Ginkgo, Bacopa, Lion’s Mane Mushroom and Ashwagandha, Brain Flow helps jump start cognitive function to support focus, memory, and mute stress and distractions without the negative effects of caffeine.

Rich, Dark Cocoa

14 Servings

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Brain Flow
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Enjoy your journey with InBloom.

Our Philosophy

Nutrition is the foundation for how you look, feel, act, and think. And as herbalists and certified nutritionists we know nothing helps your body and mind achieve their potential more than the complete nourishment nature provides.

We Formulate Holistically

Our synergistic blends pair ingredients that have an immediate impact you can feel with ingredients that are scientifically proven to make dramatic differences over time.

Nature Inspires Us

Nature creates miracles big and small. From powerful ancient rivers, to tiny flowers appearing in spring, all the way to the sparks that light up in your brain when you learn something new. Through nature we’re all part of something wonderful and very big.


“I believe there's a better
way to look, and feel your

Kate Hudson, Co-Founder

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