• Essential Elements

    Start your day with a foundation of whole-food nutrients that nourishes your body and mind

  • Energy Shift

    Give your brain a sustained, consistent boost of energy

  • Brain Flow

    Clear the fog from your brain with enhanced focus and memory, and support brain elasticity and performance long-term


  • Cognition

    Make the most of the rich brain-boosting natural ingredients in multiple mushrooms and adaptogens by elevating macro-nutrient absorption with ginger root and an enzyme blend.

  • Energy

    Alertness, presence, and focus come from the combination of matcha, ginkgo, and B vitamins that stimulate blood flow, increase energy, and enhance natural energy production capacity.

  • Stress

    Stress is distracting, and has a downward pull on mental performance. L theanine calms jitters while adaptogens ashwagandha and eleuthero root normalize your body’s stress response.