“If you can get your nutritional basics right, you can unlock a whole new world of potential for yourself. Small daily habits are the building blocks to self-transformation!„


Combined Impact

Plant-based performance

Support energy production with synergistic whole-food vitamins, minerals, and proteins

Multidimensional adaptogens

Holistic, multi-source support for normalizing stress

Quiet unhealthy cravings

Increase satiety naturally and make better nutrition decisions

Lower inflammation

Diverse antioxidants to prevent damage to cells and tissues

The Daily Foundation Breakfast Smoothie

Combine the following into a blender and spin until smooth:

  • Half a banana
  • Tablespoon of chia seeds
  • Two spoons of Essential Elements
  • Two spoons of Green Protein
  • Oat milk
  • Ice

Your Daily Ritual

First, the hunger reduction that comes from this combination of natural ingredients is proven to last all day, so by taking both formulas earlier you are setting up an entire day where you’re able to make nutrition decisions free from cravings.

Second, the ample dose of B vitamins in this combination helps to reduce work stress, so it’s always nice to stop stress before it starts.

Finally, studies about how to form positive habits indicate that connecting actions to your morning routine increases the chances that you’ll remember and repeat - which is crucial in order to see nutritional benefits begin to take shape in your life.