AirWhisk Frother

For elevated lattes and nutritional drinks

Upgrade your wellness routine and craft creamy lattes and airy nutritional drinks with our high-powered handheld frother.

The 2-speed INBLOOM AirWhisk Frother features a premium double coil whisk (the kind that makes the perfect foam we all crave) with a protective stainless steel casing and lid.

Includes a USB charger and a convenient INBLOOM canvas storage bag.

Dimensions: Height: 10” Width: 1 ¼”
  • Why You’ll Love It
  • How to Use
Why You’ll Love It
• Perfect for mixing up your favorite INBLOOM nutritional powders as well as frothing milk for lattes
• Easy to use with a convenient USB charger (not batteries needed!)
• Made with premium-quality and durable stainless steel components
How to Use

Get cafe-quality texture and taste anywhere.

Use the INBLOOM AirWhisk Frother to blend better lattes, matchas, elixirs, teas, protein shakes, and all INBLOOM nutritional powders.

  1. Add your INBLOOM powder(s) and hot or cold liquid to a tall glass or mug.

  2. Angle your cup and insert the frother (turned off) into the liquid.

  3. Press the button (choose from 2 speeds) and move the frother gently up and down. The super-powered double-coil will do its magic and bubbles will start to form.

To wash, rinse under running hot water and let air dry.

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