Upgrade Your Daily Routine
Kate's Kitchen


We like to think that we blend well into your everyday. Mix our powders with any of these various liquid ideas and experience what it’s like to be in full bloom—all year round.
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Saturday Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

Maybe it’s just us but we're thinking this bowl might be more of a daily thing. Collagen, vitamins, protein, and electrolytes come together in this superfood smoothie filled with unlikely pairings (beet stalks and coconut are a couple we didn’t know about).
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Kate's 'Daily Situation'

We all have one. A morning ritual, a part of our day that makes things brighter and to-do lists easier. If you’re in the market for a new one, this zesty, nutrient-filled situation is probably it.
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Chocolate Protein Brownies with Goji Berries

At INBLOOM, even brownies are good for you. Treat yourself to guilt-free chocolate squares packed with nuts, seeds and plant-based protein. The cherry on top? An antioxidant-rich goji berry ganache.
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Kate Hudson's Go-To Green Smoothie with Avocado

What does summer by the beach taste like? We think this sweet and sour smoothie is pretty close. Everything good, green, and natural can be found in this indulgent yet healthy mix. 

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Brain Flow Spicy Chai Tea

“It's like a breath of fresh air. After my chai, I'm ready for anything." 
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