Energy Shift

Matcha-based energy boost
- 30 Servings

A blend of premium matcha sourced from Korea and L-Theanine helps with clarity and focus, while nervous system-supporting adaptogens like Eleuthero eases stress and promotes daily vitality and brain focus. Our multi-tasking formula provides the good kind of steady energy that doesn't cause jitters or the dreaded, caffeine crash.
Great-tasting, with notes of savory matcha, a hint of warming ginger and the subtle citrusy sweetness of yuzu.
  • Why You’ll Love It
  • How to Use
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Why You’ll Love It
• Clinical results showed a 48% reduction in fatigue, 42% increase in vigor, 19% reduction in tension, and 15% reduction in stress-induced confusion
• Helps enhance the mind and body from the harmful effects of daily stressors
• Designed to support mental clarity and focus
• Created for sustained and steady energy
• Great-tasting, with notes of savory matcha, a hint of warming ginger and the subtle citrusy sweetness of yuzu
How to Use

Recommended: 2 scoops daily

Blend, shake, or whisk with 8 to 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid (plant-based milks are the base of our favorite pick-me-up). Add to smoothies, bowls, or any favorite wellness recipe to start (or restart) your day.

Vital Ingredients

Certified Herbalist Formulation

Each unique powder includes a blend of scientifically-proven, all-natural ingredients, essential minerals, vitamins, and compounds to help you look and feel your best. From whole food ingredients, to full-spectrum herbs and adaptogens, we source with nutritional efficacy and environmental impact in mind.

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Our matcha is made from the youngest tips of high quality green tea leaves grown in Korea. The unique combination of compounds that occur naturally in tea leaves delivers a lift that is steadier and lasts longer than the drastic highs and lows of caffeine derived from other sources.

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An amino acid that naturally occurs in tea leaves. It promotes relaxation without drowsiness, enhancing the calming alpha brain waves associated with meditation. When paired with caffeine it mutes the harsher effects that come from the powerful alkaloid - extreme energy swings and jitters - and helps deliver calm and focused energy.

Eleuthero Root

An adaptogen that helps defend the mind and body from stress. Its strong antioxidant support, makes it an excellent addition to promote energy, vitality, and stamina. Eleuthero is one of the broadest and most neutral adaptogens, meaning that it can be applied in formulas that are either calming or energizing and it will still activate its stress-protective effects.

Beta Glucans

These soluble fibers that come from the cell walls of plants, provide immune support as well as increased energy, vitality, and mental clarity.

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A powerful ingredient that helps combat the impacts of stress on the body and brings it back into equilibrium. It balances digestion to optimize nutrient absorption and long-term energy creation.

Featured in:Immune Defense, Green Protein (Vanilla), Green Protein (Chocolate)

Energy Shift FAQ’s

How often should I be taking this product?
Energy Shift can be taken as an acute acting product for an energy boost, but daily use will help with the longterm benefits.
Is this product Vegan?
Yes, Energy Shift is vegan.
Where is the matcha sourced from?
Our matcha is made from the youngest tips of high quality green tea leaves grown in Korea.
What makes this different from a normal matcha?
Energy Shift has all the great benefits of matcha (as it is one of the main ingredients) but with the advantage of added ingredients that truly make this product a multi-tasker.
What does it taste like?
This great-tasting formula has notes of fresh leafy greens and vibrant raspberry.
Does this product contain sugar?
Energy Shift does not have any refined sugar. Only naturally occuring sugars from its ingredients.
How long does one jar last?
Each jar contains 30 servings. If you use 2 scoops per day, it would last one month.
What is the shelf life of this product?
24 months

Customer Reviews

We love formulating our products with adaptogens because we want an even, gentle kind of energy without the jitters or crash.
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