Recipe: Brain Flow Spicy Chai Tea

We asked our INBLOOM team to share their "everyday faves" - simple ways they're using INBLOOM to add nutrition to their daily routine. Our founder Kate has perfected a spicy chai using Brain Flow to help her get in the zone.

"We all know that afternoon fog that rolls in right when we're trying to really focus. This chai is so much better than coffee at clearing it out and helping me get stuff done. I love it because it works for me on so many levels. The nutrients are actually stimulating and nourishing my brain, while the rich spicy smell and taste are waking up my senses. It's not a slap in the face, it's like breath of fresh air. After my chai I'm ready for anything."

Chai recipes in India vary by region, season, and even by family. This give a wide range of inspiration to draw on in customizing your own flavors that will clear your mind and get you ready to focus. Common spices we'd recommend playing with are cinammon, clove, black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, and chili powder.


  • — Hot water
  • — Fresh ginger
  • — Individually bagged chai tea
  • — Two scoops of Brain Flow
  • — Optional spices of your choice


  1. 1) Prepare your hot water (microwave or stovetop as you like)
  2. 2) Place one bag of chai tea and one or two slices of fresh ginger in a mug
  3. 3) Pour hot water in the mug and allow contents to steep for at least 5 minutes (longer depending on your taste)
  4. 4) Remove tea bag and ginger, add Brain Flow and a few dashes of any additional spices you're drawn to
  5. 5) Stir briskly until your tea is mixed thoroughly

For more about this recipe, watch Kate on The Rachael Ray Show here. If you customize Kate's Spicy Chai post a picture and tag us @tobeinbloom. We're excited to learn about the flavors that clear your head.